Solomon Is. Amazing.

The staff at Discover Solomons love the heartfelt people, diverse country, unique nature, tropical rain forests and  burning sunsets. We love the uncrowned waves, world class fishing, jungle hikes and underwater wonderland. But most of all we love to Step Off The MAP, turn off our phones, breath and absorb what this wonderful country offers. 

With over 55 Solomon Islands trips between our staff you’ll be sure to experience the best holiday packages, accommodation offers and unique itineraries. 

We have slept in remote villages, boated 100’s of hours in long boats, hiked jungles and laughed with countless locals to bring you our special holidays.

Discover the Solomons now.....

Solomon Is. the land that time forgot

Need a tailor made travel adventure? Ask us to design your holiday with resorts, village stays, eco lodges and adrenaline packed surfing, fishing, diving getaways. Is WW2 history your thing? We have that covered too. Simply email or call to talk to your Solomon Islands travel expert.

Solomon Is. truly magical.